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finally got my cartilage pierced! along with second holes :) yaay

wow I feel so accomplished bc I meant to run a mile and ended up running 2. looks like my new years resolutions won’t be ignored this year woot

reading, bubble tea and rain 

perfect recipe for a stress free 2 hours 

subs are the besssstttt

my friends laptop started playing music in class and she started freaking out making loads of excuses and he was just like 'oh no worries it's cool guys it's cool' and then he laughed at her when she said she was working. 

I give my blog a makeover when I’m in a bad mood lol does anyone else do that

just watched LOL

it was a really good movie tbh

I fell in love with an LV bag today. I swear if I ever own that bag, I won’t need anything else in my life. in fact, I’d walk around naked with it because it’d be enough

tumblr and followers,

I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you for over a week. I’ve been and still am really busy. I love you tho 


I don’t even understand how this is humanly possible but believe has made my love for justin incredibly stronger hdsakfh 

someone play with the cat on my blog she’s lonely and a cutie :3

I fucking hate exams omfg so much studying. helppp meeee